Stop The Fear To Defeat Cancer

Fear is the greatest enemy that was injected into humans so we will be intimidated by cancer. But the truth is we humans have the power and authority over the enemy including sickness and disease. This would be the basic information that should be taught to us because by this information we can defeat the thief who wants to steal, to kill and to destroy us.

How many of these cancer-diagnosed people could say they are not terrified of having this killer disease? Only those who were informed and thanks to God, I am one of those people. It is hard to deal with cancer if you are wrapped up with fear. Your worries will control your daily activities, it will trouble your mind thus add agony to your self and even to your loved ones. Fear often causes you to dwell in the unknown giving you a reason to be anxious about the future.

Fear is the weapon brought by enemy to disturb our senses, to disturb us to reach our goals to a life of prosperity and abundance. There is prosperity and abundance where there is no sickness and disease. How man could prosper if all your income will be set to finance your disease. It is the enemy stealing your wealth by way of cancer. The enemy wants you to be terrified so he injects fear so you could not think right.

I see many cancer patients abnormally died because they were not guided by the Holy Spirit. They were fear-driven thus rushing to the hospital submitting themselves for chemotherapy or for operation without thinking these procedures might do them harm. I too encountered an evil spirit in the presence of a young doctor telling me to go for chemotherapy. I was supposed to be evacuated from hospital to hospital by an ambulance. But why is the rush? She said my kidneys are damaged there is no way we will delay. But hey, are you serious? I said to myself I feel great, I am okay. I am not dying. So, I and my sister signed a waiver, I am not going. I was saved. Fear was not there.

So, start conquering fear by repentance. It is through sin that we open door to the enemy. It is through sin that disease and sickness exist because the wages of sin is death. But through Jesus, we were saved. We should be dealing with death if not for the ransom made by God. Repentance is the key to close the door for cancer and all other diseases. Repent and do not sin again. Being in the world of fear is being in the world of the enemy. Turn away from sin and run towards the light where freedom is waiting for us.There is freedom in truth. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Know Jesus because He is the truth. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36